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The Lynnwood Brand

The Lynnwood brand is about identifying and uniting our community.  The brand has been developed over several years and with the input of our citizens, elected officials and stakeholders.  Our brand is defined in the Lynnwood Credo, a statement of who we are and how we want the world to perceive us.  Brands are not just logos and taglines; they are about emotion and experience.  Our brand carries the promise that our community has qualities and characteristics that make us unique.  Lynnwood, a community that offers a great deal more!
Lynnwood - A Great Deal More


November 24, 2004: City Council adopts the Citywide Economic Development Plan calling for a citywide brand.

November 13, 2007: City Council adopts the FY 2007-2008 mid-biennial budget amendments including funding for the citywide branding project. Branding was deferred pending completion oft he citywide visioning.

December 10, 2008: City Council adopts FY 2009-2010 budget including funding for citywide branding.

January 26, 2009: City Council authorizes the Mayor to enter into an agreement with North Start Destination Strategies to conduct citywide branding.

July 19, 2010: Branding Steering Committee votes unanimously to recommend the proposed Citywide Brand for adoption.

May 23, 2011: Council adopts the Citywide brand.

Ongoing:  Brand implementation

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Lynnwood, Washington:  An enticement in suburban Seattle for those seeking world-class shopping matched only by world-class deals.

But for those who live here, Lynnwood offers a great deal more.  It's an amazing secret that just too good not to share.

Situated at the northern intersection of I-5 and I-405, Lynnwood is the kind of place people can't stop talking about.

In Lynnwood, you'll find art and culture, parks and trails, higher education and more.

We're a people-focused community built on a tapestry of human connection.

Only in a city like ours could you find so much coming together in such a vast marketplace of opportunity.

You'll also find a diverse population with an entrepreneurial spirit actively shaping the city's progress as a leading marketplace of business commerce.

In Lynnwood, the city limits aren't really limiting at all because if you can't find it here, you probably don't need it after all.