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A Great Deal More

Lynnwood, Washington….a city with a great deal more!

In 2008, the citizens of our community undertook a rigorous visioning process. They came together to give Lynnwood a common focus for the future. The result was “Lynnwood Moving Forward, Our Community Vision”. The Lynnwood Community Vision describes what Lynnwood will be in 20 years. It outlines the steps needed to make the vision a reality. One of the strategies to realize the vision called for identifying who Lynnwood really was, creating a Lynnwood brand identity.

We were now poised to identify who we were, to create our Brand. To answer the questions “Who is Lynnwood?” “What is the Lynnwood brand?” After months of research and hundreds of interviews, we knew.

We had a great story to tell.

Lynnwood is a retail center with world class shopping. But Lynnwood is a great deal more than that. Lynnwood is a people focused community with a lot to offer…arts, culture, parks and trails, higher education and above all an entrepreneurial spirit. Our diverse population is actively engaged in shaping the city’s future as a leading marketplace of business and commerce; and as the perfect place to call home. Lynnwood is a city on the move. Our unique location, extensive selection of attributes and superior accessibility positions us to continue our growth and to help our residents and business achieve success.

Lynnwood is a place where the experiences is rich, shopping is abundant and the people welcoming. It is a community that has all the things you are looking for. A community with a great deal more.