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Community Guide

Community GuideThe purpose of the Community Guide is to create an understanding of the community and its origins and to explain the municipal services available to Lynnwood residents whether they have lived here for years or are recent arrivals.

Another purpose of this guide is to inform the new residents about regulations which affect daily lives and to create an atmosphere of understanding and cooperation between city government and residents.

It is hoped you will take the time to read through the guide and then keep it for future refernce. As you become aware of Lynnwood municipal services, guidelines and where you might go for assistance, your familiarity with the included materials will help to make life more pleasant for everyone in the community.

For a hands-on view of the City of Lynnwood, consider enrolling in Lynnwood University, a free 8-week course where residents have the opportunity to learn about the city through demostrations and lectures by Department Directors, City Council Members and the Mayor. Learn More about Lynnwood University.