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Legislative Priorities

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Gina Israel
Government Relations Liaison
City Hall, 19100 44th Ave W

The City of Lynnwood proactively engages with Washington State Legislators, often with our 21st and 32nd district legislators, including the Washington State Congressional leaders, to advocate and convey our City’s legislative priorities. Many decisions that are made in Olympia and Washington, D.C., have direct or indirect impacts on our City’s ability to provide program and services to the people of Lynnwood. When our legislators know our City priorities and community stories from residents and business owners related to those priorities, they are better equipped to represent our interests in Olympia and D.C. Each year, Lynnwood Officials develop the City's Legislative Priorities. 

Our 2019 priorities: 

Our full 2019 Legislative Priorities can be viewed here: 2019 Legislative Priorities

If you have a community story to share related to the priorities, or for more information on Lynnwood's Legislative Priorities, contact Government Relations Liaison Gina Israel at gisrael@LynnwoodWA.gov or 425-670-5004.