Online Inspection Requests are available now!

Schedule your inspection 24/7 online by visiting:!
Inspections will be conducted within 2 business days of your requested date.

1. Register your company for an account and sign in

2. Click "Search" on the top menu bar

3. Change criteria from "Search: All" to "Search: Permits"

4. Search the numerical portion of your permit number
(IE: ELEC-012345-2016, search for 12345)

5. Select the permit number listed in the search results

6. Click the "Inspections" button found toward the bottom of the screen

7. Checkmark the inspection(s) you're requesting

8. Pick your requested date and leave a comment if
you have time constraints/requests, access information or contact information.

9. Submit!


For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or
watch our online tutorials at

Before you request an inspection: 

  • All work for which an inspection is requested must be complete and pre-tested*
  • All work must be uncovered and accessible
  • Inspections requested online may be made at any time the day prior (visit our FAQ page for more info)
  • Address must be plainly visible from the street at all times
  • Current approved plans, permits and any other required paperwork must be available on site
  • Electrical and Fire Marshal's Office approvals are required before requesting framing, ceiling cover, and building final inspections.
  • Inspections may be scheduled outside of normal business hours for an additional charge and subject to staff availability.  See Overtime Inspection Request Form.


*If the work is not complete at time of inspection, fees for additional inspections may be required.