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Engineering Services

Contact Us BannerThe Engineering Services Division employs 16 engineers, technicians and support staff that manage the design and construction of capital projects, provide civil plan review and inspection of private development projects, and plan and  administer long range planning and budgets for Public Works overall operations.

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Project Management

Includes the design and coordination of capital projects and engineering programs. Specific tasks include:

  • Preparation of the Capital Facilities Plan
  • Preparation of the Comprehensive Plan Engineering Picture
  • Capital Project scoping
  • Managing consultants
  • Maintaining capital project files and budgets to insure project completion on time and within budget
  • Coordinating with other agencies
  • Responding to citizen concerns

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Environmental Engineering

Includes Environmental Policy Administration.  Specific tasks follow:Surface Water Pic

  • Conducts public education programs on the health of surface water systems for Lynnwood’s citizens, businesses and developers
  • Update City Environmental Ordinances to include Best Available Science
  • Coordinate the City’s response to State and Federal requirements such as implementation of NPDES Phase II requirements

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Development Services

Includes specific tasks of Site Development and Coordination.  These responsibilities relate to any PLan Review Pictureprivate development within the City that is modifying streets, sewers, water or storm systems and is undertaking clearing, grading, tree removal or sensitive areas modifications. Specific tasks include:

  • Conduct plan reviews, project referrals, construction management and inspections, and permit coordination and tracking.  Responds to citizens inquiries
  • Respond to citizens inquiries

Support Services

Includes three major subdivisions.  These are General Engineering Services, Engineering Records Management, and Public Assistance. The tasks of each are listed below:

General Engineering Services:

  • Provide expertise and services related to Computer Automated Engineering pictureDesign (CAD)
  • Provide Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Form Local Improvement Districts (LIDs)
  • Prepare grant applicaton and administer grants received
  • Provide Comprehensive Utilitiy Planning
  • Write ordinances
  • Conduct field surveys
  • Provide general engineering
  • Conduct traffic impact reviews

Engineering Records Management:

  • Maintain historical drawings and records
  • Conduct filing and recording
  • Provide GIS mapping, display and databasesfront desk

Public Assistance:

Provide general department contact with the public

  • Offer assistance with information
  • Gather and maintains engineering and development records
  • Process permits for residents, developers and other agencies

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Construction Management

Is responsible for construction contract management and inspection of City Capital Improvement Projects.  The specific tasks include:

  • Inspection of construction for quality control Construction Picture
  • Monitoring contractor progress until work is successfully completed
  • Authorizing payments to contractors for work performed
  • Maintaining construction files and insuring that proper contract documentation is received
  • Closing out City capital construction projects following completion
  • Reviewing and recommending changes to contract documents prior to bidding
  • Resolving citizen complaints relating to construction projects