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ADA Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan (SETP)

Project Description

To make the City of Lynnwood’s facilities, parks, and public right-of-way accessible to all, the City is in engaged in developing an American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Self-Evaluation and Transition Plan. The SETP demonstrates the City of Lynnwood’s commitment to providing equal access to all its public programs, services, facilities, and activities for citizens with disabilities. The Plan is intended to:

  • identify physical obstacles that limit the accessibility of facilities to individuals with disabilities,
  • describe the methods to be used to make the facilities accessible,
  • provide a schedule for making modifications to better provide access, and
  • identify the public officials responsible for implementation of the Transition Plan.

You may also visit the City of Lynnwood's ADA Notice page for more information.

Project Schedule

The plans development involves the following

TASK 1: PROJECT INITIATION (7/2017 – 8/2017)
The City of Lynnwood initiated the project during July through August. During this time the City gathered information on existing policies and procedures for review and worked to develop the procedures for evaluating the City’s buildings, parks, and right-of-way.

During this phase of project the City will analysis it existing policies and programs for accessibility through a few different tasks:

  • Completion of a staff questionnaire regarding City policies and programs;
  • Existing City policy documents are reviewed to identify issues that should be addressed to ensure that policies are non-discriminatory to people with disabilities; 
  • The City’s standard construction details are reviewed for compliance with the ADA; and
  • An ADA Focus Group will be involved with identifying issues and opportunities, and drafting barrier removal priorities.

Several items will be addressed during the evaluations of building, park, and trail facilities:

  • All City facilities are evaluated for ADA accessibility;
  • ADA barrier removal actions are identified;
  • ADA assessment reports are provided to the City for review and comment; and
  • The City will develop draft prioritization strategy for barrier removal.

TASK 4: RIGHT-OF-WAY EVALUATIONS (8/2017 – 3/2018)
The curb ramps and sidewalks within the public right-of-way are evaluated:

  • All City maintained curb ramps and sidewalks are evaluated for ADA accessibility;
  • ADA barrier removal actions are identified; and
  • ADA assessment reports are provided to the City for review and comment; and
  • The City will develop draft prioritization strategy for barrier removal.

During the fifth task the ADA Transition Plan schedule for barrier removal is developed. The ADA Focus Group will provide input on the Plan’s priorities, review the draft plan, and provide comments prior to the public review draft. The plan will be posted to this webpage and hardcopies will be available at designated locations to collect public comment. A public open house will be held to receive comment from the community. It is anticipated that the plan will be available in April. The plan once completed will include:

  • ADA Transition Plan requirements and process including:
    • The methodology employed for Plan development
    • Prioritization and scheduling process
  • Identification of the ADA Coordinator
  • ADA grievance procedure
  • Public outreach process for Plan development
  • Transition plan phasing schedule
  • Program accessibility guidelines, standards, and resources 

Project Manager

David Mach, Public Works Manager
Public Works Project Manager


Lynnwood ADA SETP Focus Group:

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How Can You Be Involved?

The Transition Plan process is currently underway and the City would like your comments and concerns regarding facility accessibility to assist in the development of the Transition Plan. Please help with this process and list your concerns regarding accessibility within the City of Lynnwood’s facilities and public right-of-way.
The City is looking for input from:

  • People with disabilities – the City is seeking representatives from a variety of disabilities;
    Senior citizens;
  • Other individuals and members of groups that encounter barriers related to transportation, such as parents of minor children with disabilities;
  • People with experience and knowledge of ADA planning and requirements or also serve disabled populations; and
  • Interested Lynnwood residents.

For more information on the SETP, please contact the project manager

information updated 10/19/2018