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South Lynnwood Park Renovation & Renewal

South Lynnwood Park Concept Render

Project Description

Email list buttonSouth Lynnwood Park is a 4.2-acre, neighborhood park in the City’s most racially diverse neighborhood. Developed in 1978, it has a playground, tot lot, restrooms, basketball court, handball court, tennis and pickleball courts, open lawn, and natural areas – all of which are beyond their useful life and don’t meet the community’s need for physical activity and community gatherings. This project will provide accessible and close-to-home recreation opportunities for South Lynnwood’s underserved residents.

Since this is the only active park within walking distance in the neighborhood, we’ve focused on meeting the needs of multiple user groups with a greater diversity of recreation opportunities. Robust outreach efforts were undertaken to ensure this project will meet needs by transforming the park into a community hub that supports active lifestyles for people of all ages and abilities. An initial project phase was conducted from March 2017 – August 2018 which concluded with a 30% conceptual design for grant application submissions.

The 30% design incorporates community feedback with geotechnical, critical areas, and arborist assessments. The layout makes the best use of the site’s natural features and drainage properties to promote active recreation and community gatherings while minimizing user conflicts. The project will replace and expand the playground area and features, add a new picnic shelter and seating, resurface the tennis/multi-sport court, make ADA improvements to the restrooms and pathways, and improve the drainage of the grass lawn and natural areas. If grant funding is secured, the project will also relocate the basketball court and replace it with an artificially-turfed, soccer field. The new design will also improve the connection to the Interurban Trail and add a new bike station for park and trail users. 

A portion of this project is made possible through the contributions of The Trust for Public Land and Kaiser Permanente. 

Project Phase

This is a planning project to be followed by construction. 

  • Project Kick-Off: February 2017
  • Planning & Outreach: 2017 - 2018
  • Grant Development: 2018 - 2019
  • Conceptual Design: 2018
  • Full Design: Spring - Fall 2019
  • Anticipated Construction: January - June 2020

Project Manager

Sarah Olson, Deputy Director
Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department 


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How Can You Be Involved?

Comments and questions about the draft Master Plan can be submitted to the Project Manager. 


information updated 2/11/2019