42nd Ave W Project

Project Description

The City of Lynnwood desires to create a vibrant and dynamic City Center that provides residents and visitors alike with new opportunities to live, work, shop, and play. For the past eight years, the City of Lynnwood has been diligently working towards implementing their vision of their new City Center. Located in the heart of the City Center’s core is the 42nd Avenue West corridor – a future street that provides access and connectivity to future high-rise development and multi-modal forms of transportation.

The 42nd Avenue West Pre-Design project will look at a variety of opportunities and design elements including refining the desired corridor cross-section, providing right-of-way (ROW) impacts to surrounding parcels, reviewing construction phasing alternatives, devising implementation strategies, and a creating a design document that will both clarify frontage improvements for Developers and set the stage for the quality of work and expectations for the corridor.

Project Phase

Pre-Design Study Complete.

Design to begin late 2019.

Project Manager

David Mach
Public Works Manager


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information updated  7/11/2019