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Maple Road and Ash Way Intersection Improvements

Project Description

More information on this project can be found at the Snohomish County Project Page

The intersection of Ash Way and Maple Road within the City and certain sections of Maple Road extending east from the intersection within the County, experience frequent seasonal flooding. This is a joint project with Snohomish County and the City of Lynnwood.  The County is the lead agency for design and construction to help prevent the roadway from being impacted by flood waters.

Project Location Map

Project Vicinity Map

Project Stage

Ad January 24, 2018

Bid documents available at BXWA.com under Posted Projects - Public Works - Snohomish County 

Construction Spring-Fall 2018.

Project Manager

Robert Bean
Resident Construction Engineer


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How Can You Be Involved?

Please see the Snohomish County Project Page for more information. Informational open house to be scheduled 1st quarter 2018.

information updated 06/29/2018