Flood Protection, Lift Station 10

Project Description

The City of Lynnwood owns and operates a sanitary sewer lift station adjacent to Scriber Creek and Interstate 5. During significant precipitation and/or flooding events, access to this critical facility is limited or hazardous due to floodwaters. The City desires to protect the lift station and allow access during flooding events.

The City’s consultant has performed the work needed to develop plans and specifications for project bidding and construction of flood protection improvements to Lift Station 10. The construction cost of the project has been estimated $450,000 and the improvements include all necessary construction and modification at Lift Station 10 to provide flood protection such as

  • Replacement of existing exterior doors with flood doors
  • Install flood walls to protect the generator room
  • Raising exterior electrical components above the design flood elevation
  • Replacement of the existing access hatches for the bar screen with sealing hatches and wet well access
  • Installation of removable seals in sanitary sewer system manholes on site
  • Raising oxygen odor system controls above the design flood elevation
  • Extending the current interior hoist beam to the exterior with a 7-foot overhang beyond loading dock

Project Location Map

Project Vicinity Map

Project Phase

100% PSE

Construction TBD.

Project Manager

Ehsan Shirkhani
Project Manager


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information updated 3/21/2019