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Sewer and Lift Stations 4 & 8 Improvements

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Project Description

Lift Station 4 portion of the project is located northeast of Alderwood Mall near State Highway 525. Project will relocate existing lift station 250' north to the southeast corner of Ash Way and the vacated 26th Avenue W. Project will increase capacity to 800 gpm.

Lift Station 8 portion of the project will convert dry well / wet well configuration to a submersible pump station.  Project will increase capacity to 2050 gpm. Project is located north of Alderwood Mall Blvd. and is just south of the Alderwood Mall.

In addition to the two lift stations, the project will install a series of sewer gravity and force mains connecting both lift stations to lift station 10. For more information on location please refer to the Map of Improvements below.

Project Phase

Construction will occur as 4 separate projects. 

  • Project 1 is complete
  • Project 2 will start construction in Late November 2018
  • Projects 3 & 4 is out for bid. Bid Advertisement Dates were October 9th and 16th. Bid Opening is scheduled for Oct 31st,  2018. Bid documents are available on Builders Exchange at http://www.bxwa.com under Posted Projects -> Public Works -> City of Lynnwood.  Project 3 will start construction in early 2019. 
  • Project 4 is at 90% design phase and will start construction in early 2019.

The project will be fully operational by the end of 2019.​

Project Manager

Erin Duleba, EIT
Project Manager


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information updated 10/19/2018