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Environmental, Surface Water and Storm Water

Environmental and Storm Water ManagementContact Us Banner

  • Conducts public education programs on the health of surface water systems for Lynnwood’s citizens, businesses and developers
  • Update City Environmental Ordinances to using the most currentscientific methods
  • Coordinate the City’s response to State and Federal requirements such as implementation of NPDES Phase II requirements
  • Manage Critical Area Regulations
  • Tree Regulations and Information: Accept, review and issue tree removal permits as well as manage the tree voucher program
  • Install Storm Drain Markers for public awareness on the destination of stormwater runoff

Storm Water Utility Maintenance

The Storm Water Utility Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the City-owned portions of the storm drainage system. 

Visit our Streets Maintenance Page for more information on Storm Water Utility Maintenance.

SEPA Review

The State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) requires agencies to conduct environmental reviews for projects which meet certain criteria. Lynnwood criteria

For Projects which meet this criteria, complete this form.

In some cases, SEPA is required for projects with no related construction such as Comprehensive Plan Amendments, certain city code revisions, 6-Year Transportation Improvement Plan and others. In these cases, complete this form.