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Tree Removal and Regulations

Tree PictureCity of Lynnwood residents have expressed much concern over the loss of trees in Lynnwood. Trees serve important functions in our urban and natural environment, and our community felt it was necessary to preserve existing trees for future generations, as well as to provide a way for new trees to be planted when trees are removed.

In order to address the concerns of the citizens, the City of Lynnwood updated its tree regulations in March of 2004, which included tree regulations to designate and protect Heritage trees and a tree fund that would allow citizens to receive grants and tree vouchers with which to purchase and plant trees. Additionally, we now require removal permits prior to tree removal on all property, including single-family lots.

City of Lynnwood Tree Ordinance: Chapter 17.15 (most recent .pdf)

City of Lynnwood is a “Tree City” according to the Washington Arbor Day Council

Tree Removal

Always contact the City prior to removing a tree. Depending on the situation, you may need a permit, but the permit may be no-cost. Contact the Public Works Department for further information.

Arbor Day Tree Benefits

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Tree Preservation Guidelines (.pdf)

Tree Removal Permit Application