Tree Vouchers


The City of Lynnwood offers an exciting opportunity for residents of Lynnwood. Every year, people who live within the city of Lynnwood boundaries can apply for tree vouchers through Lynnwood Public Works. These tree vouchers enable the holder to purchase trees and soil amendments free of cost from local participating Washington State Nursery and Landscaping Association (WSNLA) affiliated nurseries for use on their property. In order to obtain a tree voucher, follow the instructions below.

Applicant Responsibilities:
  • Pick up voucher application and instruction form from City Hall or download a .pdf of it here online.
  • Go to a participating WSNLA  nursery.  Pick which kind of trees to plant, taking note of the common and scientific names of each species, and unit price.  Feel free to talk to nursery employees for tree and soil amendment recommendations.
  • Vouchers can only be used to purchase trees and necessary amendments!  Plants, shrubs, bushes, and flowers are exempt from this program.  Vouchers cannot pay for delivery.
  • Complete and sign the tree voucher application form.  Submit voucher forms to the Lynnwood Public Works Department.
  • After the completed tree voucher application has been submitted to the Lynnwood Public Works, it will be reviewed
    by Public Works staff. If your tree voucher application is approved, then you will receive a certified tree voucher which must be used within one year of issuance. If not used within one-year, the tree voucher will become void and you must reapply for another voucher. Each single-family household can apply for this program once per year, and can reapply for a new voucher each year. Contact Cameron Coronado at 425-670-5245or for more information.

    Tree Voucher Form (.pdf)