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Garbage Service Requirements


New Garbage Service Requirements

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The Lynnwood City Council adopted an ordinance calling for all City of Lynnwood property owners to have scheduled curb-side garbage service at their property. What does this mean to you as a Lynnwood property owner?

  • If you do not currently subscribe to curb-side garbage service you will need to contact your neighborhood’s waste hauling company and start service by August 1, 2015. There are two private waste hauling companies
    that serve Lynnwood.
    • If you live west of Highway 99, contact Republic Services at 425-778-0188 or www.RepublicServices.com
    • If you live east of Highway 99, contact Waste Management at 800-592-9995 or www.WM.com
  • If you already have garbage service, as a majority of Lynnwood residents do, there is nothing additional for your to do!

More Information:

Questions or Concerns: Contact Community Development at 425-670-5400