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Waste Prevention and Recycling Program

This program includes public education and awareness of all aspects of solid waste management such as:

  • Waste prevention and reduction
  • Reuse and donation opportunities
  • Recycling of materials through established curbside collection services
  • Recycling drop-off facilities
  • Special collection events
  • Grass-cycling and backyard composting
  • Proper disposal for any material, including household hazardous waste
  • Recycling and reuse options for many unwanted household items
  • The outreach of this program is available to all sectors within the city, through presentations, demonstrations, workshops, printed information, and a direct phone number to the Recycling Coordinator, (425) 670-5244.

  • Single family residents
  • Multi-family residents
  • Commercial businesses
  • Schools and institutions
  • Other aspects and opportunities presented by the program:

  • Buying recycled products and “smart” shopping information
  • Waste assessments for businesses
  • Waste prevention and reduction strategies
  • Construction and demolition debris recycling opportunities
  • Sustainable building methods and resource conservation
  • Some printed information can be found on the information Rack located in the lobby of the Lynnwood Library, 19200 44th Avenue W., or by calling the Recycling Coordinator at  (425) 670-5244.