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GIS Data Download

The GIS data download files do not contain maps, but can be used to view or create a map using ESRI's ArcGIS, Google Earth or any other GIS enabled software. The GIS data download files are provided in shapefile format and compressed into a ZIP file for easy downloading.  

This data is offered for reference only and is subject to the City of Lynnwood's Website Disclaimer.  GIS Data download files were last updated on 01/06/2014.

For other layers please submit a Public Records Request.  Visit the Public Records web page to request GIS files.

Layer Name
Format Download File Size
Address Point Streets Addresses Shapefile Address.zip 5098 KB
Buildings Homes Building Footprint Shapefile Building.zip 2585 KB
City Limit City Boundaries Shapefile Limit.zip 45KB
Contour 2 Foot Contours Shapefile Contour.zip 80825 KB
Impervious Impervious Surfaces Shapefile Impervious.zip 2074 KB
Neighborhoods Neighborhood Boundaries Shapefile Neighborhoods.zip 15 KB
Parks Trails City Parks and Trails Shapefile ParksTrails.zip 40 KB
Storm Stormwater System Shapefile Storm.zip 1665 KB
Surface Water Surface Water Rivers, Streams, Lakes Shapefile Hydro.zip 589 KB
Wastewater Wastewater System Shapefile Wastewater.zip 1437 KB
Water Water System Shapefile Water.zip 3105 KB
Zoning Zoning, Annexations, Future Land Use Shapefile Zoning.zip 1339 KB