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What is YourGOV?

Please note that the use of YourGov is intended for the reporting of non-emergency issues only. If you need immediate Police or Fire response, please call 911. For non-emergency Police or Fire, please contact 425-670-5600. For Public Works emergencies such as traffic signal problems, flooding, broken pipes or turned off water: During office hours (7am-3:30pm), call 425-670-5200. Outside of office hours for Public Works please dial the following number 425-329-6205 and an answering service will direct your call.

YourGov is an application that allows City of Lynnwood Citizens to report non-emergency related issues to the City.  YourGov can be used via the Web or your mobile phone.  By using YourGov, you can submit an issue and track its progress from submission to completion via the Web. Issues are brought directly into the City's Work Management solution where they can be forwarded on to the responsible department. By entering in an address or selecting a location on the map, you can view where in Lynnwood the issue is located. In addition, you can view issues that have been submitted by other citizens and track their status.

YourGov map

How does YourGOV Work?

When you follow the link to YourGov, your first step is to sign in using a valid email address and password. If you're a first time user, you'll first need to create a profile before being able to use the application.    Once successfully registered and logged in, you can select Add Request and enter an address or click on the map. Next you must select an issue and the date the issue was observed, and enter any pertinent details. The issue will be reviewed by City Staff and the appropriate action will be taken within 1-2 business days.

How Do I Track My Submitted Issues?

You can view the issues you have submitted by selecting the My Requests button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. To view other requests, select All Requests in the upper right hand corner. Blue dots on the map represent where different issues have been reported and the issue that is currently being viewed will have an orange halo surrounding it. The Citizen can check on their submitted issues by logging in to see what Activity has been assigned to the issue, when the issue was closed, and any notes City Staff have submitted regarding the issue.


Can I Submit An Issue From My Cell Phone?

YourGOV App Yes, you can! YourGOV currently supports the Apple iPhone and Android powered smart phones.

As with the web application, you can report an issue, which in turn will be brought into the City's Work Management solution. In addition, by using a smart phone to submit, a picture can be attached to the issue.

To download the YourGOV phone application, please search for it in the App Store or in the Google Market

What Is The History Of YourGOV?

YourGOV was developed by Cartegraph, a municipal technology provider that the City of Lynnwood has been partnering with for over 10 years to assist in providing asset and work management solutions. With over 1,000 clients in North America, the YourGOV applications are widely available. Please visit the Cartegraph website for more information.

Still Have YourGOV Questions?

For non technical questions call 425-670-5023

For technical questions call 425-670-5966