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Sewer and Water

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Water & Sewer Maintenance provide maintenance services for the water utility and the sewer utility.  Emphasis is placed on providing excellent customer service and planning for future growth, replacement of aging infrastructure and compliance with Federal requirements.  Each utility is discussed below.

Water Utilities

  • Purchases water from the Alderwood Water District
  • Stores the water in two reservoirs, which then,
  • Distributes water to our customers 
  • Maintains drinking water quality through federal and state mandated regulations
  • Provides customer service by answering concerns pertaining to water pressure, water clarity, purity, payment for service and billing challenges
  • The system includes two pressure reducing stations and one pressure boosting station
  • Crews install pipe and services, check meters and repair leaks as needed

Water Tower PictureAnnual Watering Calendar 2017 (PDF)

Lead Information 2016 (PDF)

Sewer Utilities

The Sewer Utility maintains the sanitary sewage system. 

  • Cleaning the sewers on a regular basis
  • Installing and repairing as the need arises Sewer Cover picture
  • Maintaining a pretreatment program emphasizing clean discharges to the City system
  • Responding to sewer back-ups as reported
  • Providing clean up on City rights of way

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