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Multi-Choice Transportation System

Sidewalk and Bicycle Plan

The City of Lynnwood has developed a City-wide Sidewalk and Bicycle Plan, also known as multi-choice transportation system because it provides multiple travel choices other than a car.  The system will provide a framework of sidewalks, walkways, trails, paths, promenades and bikeways to allow people the choice to travel between most homes, schools, businesses, entertainment and other services throughout the City of Lynnwood without using their cars.  The Citizens of Lynnwood have consistently stated the importance of such multi-choice transportation systems in City-wide surveys and in the recent visioning process.

The pedestrian plan includes a total of 104 miles of sidewalks, paths, and trails, of which 85 miles or 82% is complete today.   The bicycle plansystem includes a total of 70 miles of bike lanes/routes, of which 12 miles or 17% is complete today.  A ranking criteria was developed to prioritize the various missing links and help the City determine where investments should be made to more efficiently use available funds.

Various pedestrian roadway cross sections and associated costs have been developed including concrete sidewalks (with and without planter strips), asphalt walkways and bike facility options (dedicated lanes vs. shared lanes) in order to determine how best to complete these missing links.

Program Documents

For more information please contact Project Manager David Mach at dmach@lynnwoodwa.gov, 425-670-5275, PO Box 5008 Lynnwood, 98046-5008.  Your comments are greatly appreciated.