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Streetlight Outages

Here is some information about streetlights that you may find interesting:

  • The Snohomish Public Utility District (PUD) owns the streetlight heads and performs all repair and maintenance on the streetlights, including replacement of broken lenses and burned out bulbs.
  • City crews do not change burned out or broken streetlights.
  • The City pays an annual fee per streetlight to the PUD.
  • The City does not have an employee dedicated to look for streetlight malfunctions, City employees will report problems if they see them in their normal course of assigned duties.
  • The City and PUD rely on reports from private citizens for information about streetlight problems.

To report a streetlight malfunction

Please have the following information available when reporting a streetlight that is not working properly:Streetlight Picture

  • The nearest address to the malfunctioning streetlight.
  • If possible, the number that is printed near the lens of the light (beginning with an “A” or “S”).
  • A description of how the streetlight is not working properly, ie. cycling (turning on and off), burned out, broken lens, etc.
  • During busy seasons it may take up to six weeks for the streetlight to be repaired.  If the streetlight continues not to function correctly after six weeks please try to contact us again.

You may contact the City of Lynnwood or the Snohomish Public Utility District to report a streetlight outage.

If you are inside of the City limits contact:
City of Lynnwood
contact us

If you are located in the county contact:
Snohomish Public Utility District
Customer Service 425-783-1000

The City of Lynnwood appreciates your help in reporting streetlight outages.