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Traffic Calming

City of Lynnwood Traffic Calming Program Background

In 2006 Lynnwood leadership established the Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program with a systematic approach for tracking complaints by citizens, gathering data, identifying appropriate measures, prioritizing projects, paying for appropriately justified traffic calming projects, and reporting effectiveness.

This program was designed as an “experiment”, whereby many different on-the-ground measures to calm neighborhood traffic were tried.  Data from before and after installation was allotted to gauge effectiveness. Extensive public outreach was sought on several of the projects in order to measure perceived effectiveness and to Traffic Calming Speed Humpscollect comments. In a couple of cases modifications were made in response to comments. Public Works will learn from this experimental program and design future efforts with the benefit of lessons learned.

Traffic calming device locations:

  1. Speed Humps 32nd and 33rd Avenue West at 17500 block (June 2007) 
  2. Choker and Median at 206th Street Southwest and 56th Avenue West (October 2008)
  3. Traffic Circle 170th Street Southwest at 56th Avenue (April 2008)
  4. Curb Bulbs, Island, and Pedestrian Actuated Flashing Lights at 212th Street Southwest and 61st Avenue for Interurban Trail Crossing  (June 2008)
  5. Traffic Circle at 191st Street Southwest and 74th Avenue West (July 2008) 
  6. Speed Hump on 173rd Place Southwest near 5300 block (September 2008)
  7. Choker and Speed Display on 48th Avenue West between 183rd and 186th Street Southwest (July 2009)
  8. “Watch for Pedestrian When Flashing” sign at 63rd Avenue West and 168th Street Southwest (September 2009)
  9. Raised Crosswalks on 194th Street Southwest between 44th and 48th Avenue West (June 2010)
  10. Pedestrian Activated Crosswalk Flashers and Curb Bulbs on 48th Avenue West near 19900 Block (September 2010)
  11. Painted Parking Areas 194th Street Southwest from 48th Avenue West to 52nd Avenue West (June Traffic Calming Traffic Circle2010)


Traffic Counts Comparison Results (.pdf)

2012 Traffic Calming Report (.pdf)


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Les Rubstello by phone at 425-670-5231 or email at lrubstello@lynnwoodwa.gov