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Biennial Budget

Lynnwood uses a biennial budget process, and adopts its budget during even-numbered years.  The process for preparation and adoption of the budget is specified by State Law, the Lynnwood Municipal Code, and Lynnwood's Financial Policies.

Biennial Budgets:

2017-2018 Budget Preparations 

Every two years the City of Lynnwood adopts a biennial budget. The draft budget currently being prepared will allocated funds to programs, services, and infrastructure throughout 2017-18. For this budget, the City is taking a new approach known as 'Budgeting for Outcomes' (BFO) or Priority-Based Budgeting, to better align decisions with community priorities.

Provide Your Input

From May 10 - September 16, 2016, the City of Lynnwood solicited input on the 2017/2018 budgeting process through an online survey. Please click the following link to see the results of that survey: Lynnwood Budget Survey Results

If you have questions or would like a copy of a biennium budget not listed on this page, please contact the Deputy City Clerk.