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City Council

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  • Council Member Phone Tree: (425) 670-5010
  • Executive Assistant 
    Beth Morris

    (425) 670-5011 (direct)

For general comments or questions to the City Council please use the online City Council Feedback form or for individual email addresses, click on the linked names in the Council Members table.

2016 City Council Group Photo

Pictured left to right: Councilmembers Shannon Sessions, George Hurst, Shirley Sutton, Ian Cotton, Ruth Ross, Benjamin Goodwin, and Christine Frizzell.

Councilmember (7 positions): 4 Year Term

Council President and Vice President: 1 year terms, elected by the Council from within the Council

The City of Lynnwood has a strong Mayor/Council form of government. The seven Councilmembers are elected directly by the people for staggered four-year terms, representing the community at large rather than individual districts or areas of the City.

Among the Council's primary duties are to make laws, adopt regulations and budgets, levy taxes, authorize public improvements, provide for public safety and health, approve board and commission appointments, and oversee a wide-ranging agenda for the citizens.

City Council Members welcome your attendance and participation at their meetings. The agenda provides for citizen comments under the oral communications section. You may also comment during public hearings. All business (except executive sessions) is conducted in public and citizens are welcome to attend and listen. At executive sessions the Council by law may discuss only such items as personnel matters, property acquisition and disposition, and litigation.

Parking and meeting rooms are accessible for persons with disabilities. Contact the City at (425) 670-6613 with 24-hour advance notice for special accommodations.

Council Members

Title Name Elected Term Ends Position #
Council President Benjamin Goodwin 11/11 12/19 5
Council Vice President Christine Frizzell 11/17 12/21 1
Councilmember Shannon Sessions 11/15 12/19 7
Councilmember Ian Cotton 11/13 12/21 2
Councilmember Ruth Ross 11/13 12/21 3
Councilmember Shirley Sutton 11/15 12/19 4
Councilmember George Hurst 11/15 12/19 6

Council Finance Committee

The City Council currently has one subcommittee, the Finance Committee. Three members of the City Council serve on the Finance Committee to provide guidance on fiscal matters and new proposals with budgetary impacts. Meetings of the Finance Committee are open to the public, and are typically held on the third Thursday of each month at 3:00pm in Conference Room 4 at City Hall. These meetings do not include public comment, but do offer residents an opportunity to observe discussions on important financial topics. Normally, the Finance Committee does not meet during the months of August and December. Visit the City's Events Calendar to see upcoming meeting dates.

Staff Contact

Executive Assistant: Beth Morris, 425-670-5011 (direct) or bmorris@lynnwoodwa.gov