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Council President Benjamin Goodwin


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Benjamin Goodwin - Council Position #5

I thank you, the citizen of Lynnwood, my family, and my friends, for your support over the last six years as I have diligently served on the City Council. I have had several opportunities over those six illustrious years to serve on the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Commission; the Historical Commission; Snohomish County Tomorrow; the Regional Fire Authority Transition Board; Citizens Patrol; the Affordable Housing Commission; and Snohomish County Health District. I have learned and continue to learn a great deal about, you, the citizens of our wonderful city and the passions that drive you. Thank you! 

I appreciate the trust the council has placed in me by in re-electing me as their Council President. I take this responsibility seriously and with great concern for the citizens of Lynnwood. I appreciate the candor and passion with which each council member serves. I pledge to communicate with the council, continue to be a voice of reason and integrity in all facets of council leadership, and partner with the Mayor and her administration to move our great city forward. I also pledge to serve the citizens of Lynnwood to the best of my ability; your passions and your voices are what move this city forward!

Lynnwood is a great city and outstanding opportunities abound to bring new life to our citizenry. I ask that each of you think of those things that drive you, then come to our meetings and share your thoughts, concerns, and hopes for improving our city and keeping it a place we all want to call home. We have great opportunities knocking on our door daily, let’s make the choice to seize those opportunities for greatness and continue to be a place where we offer A Great Deal More!