State law provides several methods for annexing unincorporated land into a city.  Most of those methods require the approval of a majority of property owners and/or registered voters of the annexation area.  Annexation procedures are methodical so that decisions are made after careful study and neighborhood input.

Lynnwood has a Municipal Urban Growth Area (MUGA) -- specified by Snohomish County -- that designates which incorporated lands will annex to Lynnwood at some future time.  The City of Lynnwood has designated a larger MUGA as its preferred future annexation area, but formal authority to delineate MUGA boundaries resides with County governments.  The County and City designated Municipal Growth Areas can be seen on the Future Land Use Map.

There are no annexations currently underway. 

There are a number of advantages and benefits that come with annexation to Lynnwood.  Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding annexation.  We look forward to working closely with you! 


If you have questions about annexation, please call the Planning Hotline at (425) 670-5410.

Frequently Asked Questions