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City of Lynnwood Public Land Use Notices

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Below are notices and announcements for active land use permit applications, code amendments, comprehensive plan amendments, and environmental reviews. The application review process includes opportunities for public comment and, in some instances, appeal.

For more detailed information about the projects below, please click on the Public Notice links. If you still have questions, please contact the Project Planner listed on the Notice.


If you would like to apply for a land use permit, visit the Permit Center for detailed instructions and applications.

Public Comment

As part of the permit review process, citizens are invited comment on the proposal. For most permit processes with a formal comment period, property owners and occupants within 600 feet of a proposal are sent a notice in the mail. Other types of public notice may include posting at official locations such as City Hall, publication in the Everett Herald, and a public-notice sign at the subject property.

All comments must be submitted in writing to the Project Planner by end of the comment period. Citizens who provide input typically become a Party of Record, and receive future notifications associated with that land use permit.

Notices for Active Land Use Proposals

All documents below are in Adobe .pdf format, get Adobe Reader online here.

You may also find full reports for all active land use applications, plats & short plats on our Development Performance Reports page.


  •  Justice 4-Lot Short Plat (STP-006902-2018)

           4-Lot Short Plat in the RS-8 zone at 21002 44th Ave W.- Notice of Application

  • Perrinville Townhomes Project Design Review/Conditional Use Permit/Subdivision

          Construction of 42-towhnhomes within 8 buildings at 18717 76th Ave. W

         Notice of Application & Public Hearing

         HEARING CANCELLATION NOTICE (originally Tuesday, August 14th)

  •    Best Harbour Short Plat (STP-006786-2018)

            2-Lot Short Plat at 4310 172nd Pl. SW   - Notice of Application

  • Bray Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU-006805-2018)

          Construction of 516 SF detached accessory dwelling unit.   - Notice of Application

  • Notice of Application & Impending Decision - Jaguar / Land Rover Project Design Review (PDR-006577-2018)

         Remodel of existing dealership.

          Notice of Application & Impending Decision


  • Temporary Tent Encampments    

          Amendments to Chapter 21.74 LMC, Temporary Tent Encampments. Address the establishment and processing of applications for temporary tent encampments, temporary homeless shelters and indigent housing.


  • Whispering Pines Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezone (CPL-006418-2018 / RZN-006419-2018)

   Change Future Land Use Designation from MF-2 to MF-3 / Change zoning from RMM to RMH

           Notice of Application

  • Shoreline Master Program Periodic Update
           Under the Washington State Shoreline Management Act (SMA) (RCW 90.58), the city of Lynnwood is required to conduct a periodic update of its Shoreline Master Program (SMP) every eight (8) years.

         Notice of Periodic Update


  • 6-Year TIP 2019-2024  Determination of Nonsignificance (ERC-006916-2018)

            Determination of Nonsignificance

  • Miscellaneous Code Amendments to Titles 1, 10, 19 and 21 LMC (ERC-006782-2018)

          Determination of Nonsignificance

  • Perrinville Townhomes Determination of Nonsignificance (ERC-006724-2018)

          Determination of Nonsignificance

  •  Periodic Determination of Adequacy - Lynnwood Place FEIS

           Per Section 17.02.027A LMC, he City has issued a 5-year Periodic Determination of Adequacy for the  

           Lynnwood Place Final Environmental Impact Statement, initially issued March 12, 2012. 

           Periodic Determination of Adequacy, July 27, 2018