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Development Performance Reports

Development Performance Reports

This section contains reports created or used by the City to track development trends and to assess staff performance in development review. All documents below are in Adobe .pdf format, get Adobe Reader online here.

Annual, Monthly, and Weekly Land Use and Building Reports

Each week, the Permit Center issues reports relating to building and land use permits, including permit issuance times, permit values, and comparables.


Annual Land Use Performance Reports

Under RCW 36.70B.080, the City is required to publish a report on the time it takes to review certain land use permits.


Annual Hearing Examiner Reports

The Hearing Examiner is required to report on his cases and any policy issues to City Council each year. For annual reports dating from 2004, please visit the Hearing Examiner page.

Annual Planning Commission Reports

Each year, the Planning Commission is required to report their activities to the City Council. For annual reports dating from 2003, please visit the Planning Commission page.