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Shoreline Master Program


In 1972, Washington adopted its Shoreline Management Act (SMA) by public referendum to prevent the inherent harm in an uncoordinated and piecemeal development of the state’s shorelines. The SMA contains the following major policy provisions:

  • Protecting against adverse effects to the public health; the land and its vegetation and wildlife; and the waters of the state and their aquatic life.
  • Planning for and fostering all reasonable and appropriate uses of the shoreline.
  • Protecting public rights of navigation, and public access to the shoreline and enhancing the public interest.

The city of Lynnwood adopted their Shoreline Management Program (SMP) in 2011 in accordance with the SMA. The SMP includes goals, policies, and regulations consistent with the SMA in order to comply with state guidelines to protect shorelines. A periodic update of the Shoreline Master Program was approved in 2018.

A copy of the adopted SMP can be downloaded here

The city of Lynnwood has a shoreline?

Yes! The city of Lynnwood’s wastewater treatment plan is located adjacent to the Puget Sound and contains about 700 linear feet of shoreline. The city of Lynnwood’s SMP is very limited in scope due to its small amount of shoreline. The map below shows the location of the shoreline within the city.

 SMP Site Map 2018


Contact Information

Please feel free to contact Ashley Winchell, Senior Planner, to comment or for more information about the Shoreline Master Program.

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