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Bench Warrant

View this week's outstanding warrant report.

Outstanding Bench Warrants

The outstanding warrant report is for informational purposes only and updated weekly.  To see if a warrant is still valid or if you have questions about a warrant, please call (425) 670-5100. 


Snohomish County Municipal Court Warrant Recall Program

Do you have an outstanding warrant with any of the municipal courts in Snohomish County?

Municipal Courts in Marysville, Everett, Lynnwood, Monroe, Bothell and Edmonds are teaming up to put your mind at ease. The courts have a program that may recall your bench warrant – no questions asked.

For example, if you live in Lynnwood but have a warrant in Marysville, you can go to your local court in Lynnwood.  If you are eligible, the Lynnwood staff can help you recall your Marysville warrant.

People who have an outstanding bench warrant from any of the municipal courts in Snohomish County may be eligible, and can drop by any of the municipal courts to clear their warrant. Clearing a bench warrant with the court – if it is recallable - requires a one-time payment of $50 or $100 (cash only), depending on the court that issued the warrant.

No warrant recalls will be accepted after 4:00 PM.

You do not qualify for the program if:
 • Your bench warrant is greater than $5,000.
 • Your bench warrant was issued for failure to serve jail time.  ‘
 • Your bench warrant is for the charge of DUI.
 • The judicial officer has indicated that you are required to appear in court to recall your warrant and not eligible. 

Lake Forest Park                                      Everett Municipal Court
17425 Ballinger Way NE 2nd Floor             3028 Wetmore Ave
Lake Forest Park, WA 98155                     Everett, WA 98201 
(206) 364-7711                                         (425) 257-8778

Edmonds Municipal Court                         Lynnwood Municipal Court   
250 5th Ave N                                          19321 44th Ave W
Edmonds, WA  98020                               Lynnwood, WA 98036
(425) 771-0210                                         (425) 670-5100

Marysville Municipal Court                        Monroe Municipal Court
1015 State Ave                                        806 W Main St
Marysville, WA  98270                             Monroe, WA 98272
(360) 363-8050                                        (360) 863-4548