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To provide the Lynnwood Municipal Court with thorough, accurate, and timely reports regarding non- compliance of court ordered conditions

• Provide the court with thorough, accurate, and timely reports.
• Refer offenders to appropriate treatment resources.
• Hold offenders accountable for their behavior.
• Enhance community safety and provide offenders with an experience that will lessen the likelihood of law violations in the future.
• Assess each probationer and provide supervision at the designated classification level by assessing risk to the community

You have just been placed on supervised probation with the City of Lynnwood Municipal Court Probation Department.  This information provides a brief overview of the probation process.  It is important that you review the finding and sentence order and pay attention to the dates and deadlines that were ordered by the Court.


Probation is a court ordered sanction that allows a person to remain in the community under the supervision of a probation officer.  The conditions of supervision can vary and may include jail time, fines, restitution, community service and other sanctions.  If the probationer does not comply with the court ordered conditions a violation hearing may be scheduled and further sanctions may be imposed.  The mission of probation is to ensure public safety.  Citizens have the right to be free from fear of harm to their person and property.

If you have been ordered to obtain an alcohol/drug assessment or a domestic violence evaluation, it is highly recommended that you call a state certified agency and schedule the appointment immediately.  Failure to schedule the assessment and/or evaluation appointment right away may reduce the likelihood that you will get the assessment or evaluation completed by the court ordered due date.  When you go to the assessment be sure to sign a release form.  This will allow the treatment agency to send the assessment and/or evaluation to your probation officer once you have completed the evaluation. 

If you have questions regarding your probation, do not hesitate to call this department.  You will reach the recorded message for the Probation Dept.  Please leave your name, case number, phone number, and reason for your call and your probation officer will return your call.  The messages are reviewed several times a day.


When the court places you on active probation supervision, you will be given a list of conditions that were imposed by the Judge.  Your mailing address will be verified by the court staff and you will be given a probation orientation date at the front counter after sentencing.  If you do not receive your appointment, please call the probation department within 2 business days and leave your information for us to return your call.  Walk-in appointments will not be seen.

YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT is a probation orientation appointment.  This is a meeting to go over the terms and conditions of probation in your case(s).  This meeting will take approximately 15-20 minutes.  The next appointment will be your intake appointment.  Plan to be here 45 minutes to an hour.  After the intake appointment, you can expect subsequent appointments to be approximately 15-30 minutes in length.  It is your responsibility to keep track of probation appointments, as no reminders will be mailed.

BE PROMPT.  If you are late you may not be seen.
DO NOT APPEAR UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF any intoxicant.  You may be asked to submit to a breath test.

IF YOU FAIL TO APPEAR your case may be returned to the court for further actions by the Judge.
YOU MAY NOT RELOCATE to another State without court approval.  Once the court grants permission for you to move, there is an $100.00 processing fee to submit the paperwork to the interstate compact commission.  You may not move until permission is granted by the Interstate Compact.  The $100.00 fee is non-refundable.

If you need to reschedule, call immediately.

Do not bring children to your appointment.

The date/time for your appointment may not be given to anyone else nor can anyone else change your appointment for you.


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