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Infrastructure Projects

ST Lynnwood Link Site Plan

Lynnwood Link Light Rail Extension

Extends the light rail from Northgate to the Lynnwood Transit Center. The project is currently in the final design phase. Construction will begin in 2018 and the station will open for service in 2023.

196th St SW Improvements Proposed Elevations

196th St SW Improvements

The fully funded redesign and construction of 196th St SW, from 48th Ave W to 36th Ave W.  Improvements include new BAT/BRT lanes for future Community Transit SWIFT route, 12 foot sidewalks with landscaped buffers and median.

Future 42nd Ave W

Future 42nd Ave W

This future street will be located between 40th Ave W and 44th Ave W and connect 194th St SW to Alderwood Mall Blvd, bisecting major super blocks to provide access and connectivity to future high-rise development.  42nd Ave W will include 16' sidewalks with landscaped buffers improved to City Center Streetscape Standards.

Inteurban Trail Improvements

Interurban Trail Improvements

This 3.8-mile trail in Lynnwood is part of 19-mile regional trail system connecting Everett to Seattle and provides a direct connection to the Lynnwood Transit Center and future Link Light Rail Station.  A new Master Plan to improve the trail was completed in 2016.

Poplar Way Extension Bridge Aerial View

Poplar Way Extension Bridge

The Poplar Way Extension Bridge extends Poplar Way over I-5 to 33rd Ave W / Alderwood Mall Blvd providing traffic congestion relief for 196th St SW.