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Manufacturing Roadmap

Manufacturing Site Feasibility
Regulatory Roadmap Logo Considering Lynnwood for your Manufacturing Facility?

Great!  Use this Regulatory Roadmap to easily assess requirements and technical details you need to make feasibility decisions about a site.  These tools help you plan for what is required and avoid regulatory surprises.

Site Feasibility Resources

Just looking for information about a specific requirement?  Click below to jump to Feasibility Resources.

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Siting Feasibility Phases
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Assess Site Feasibility Permits and Approvals Cost and Timelines Launch Your Project

Use the Project Information Checklist to gather information you will need to make your site feasibility decisions.

Assess Site Feasibility
The 7-Step Feasibility Worksheet estimates land use, permitting, SEPA, property.

Permits and Approvals
Use the Permit Requirements Table to get information and applicability guidelines on local, regional, and state permits and approvals.

Costs and Timelines
Use the Time and Cost Table to develop estimates for scheduling and costing out regulatory approvals and requirements.

Launch Your Project
Avoid costly delays and surprises as you move forward to finalize your project requirements, budget, and timelines.

 Site Feasibility Resources
7-Step Worksheet Zoning and Permitting Property Specific Requirements
7-Step Feasibility Worksheet

The 7-Step Site Feasibility Worksheet helps you estimate the number of parking space, loading areas, frontage improvements and other requirements that affect the feasibility of siting a manufacturing facility.

Zoning & Permitting

The first step for any feasibility decision: Make sure the city's zoning will allow your facility and get an idea of the required land use permitting process.  Also, a quick check for building height limitations.

Property Specific Requirements

Once you have a site in mind: find out how to check for critical areas, site contamination and the kinds of site and building upgrades you may need to do.

Parking and Loading Areas Traffic Analysis and Mitigation State Environmental Policy Act
Parking & Loading Areas

Calculate the number of off-street parking space nad loading areas you will need for a given site - will there be enough room to add more if required?

Traffic Analysis & Mitigation

Get an idea of the level of traffic analysis you will need and a quick estimate of the cost of city, county and state traffic mitigation fees.

State Environmental Policy Act

Take a look at the list of conditions that trigger the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Checlist and understand the process when a checklist is required.

Civil Engineering Permitting Permits Requirements Table Time and Cost Table
Civil Environmental Permitting

Overview of civil engineering permits required for stormwater, grading, water, sewer, right-of-way, electrical service and natural gas.

Permits Requirements Table

Use the Permit Requirements Table to get information and applicability of local, regional, and state permits and approvals.

Time & Cost Table

Use the Time and Cost Table to develop estimates for scheduling and cost of regulatory approvals and requirements.

About Regulatory Roadmaps

The Regulatory Roadmaps Initiative is a partnership between local, state, and regional governments, led by the Washington State Department of Commerce.  Regulatory Roadmaps are city-specific guide to help businesses understand and plan for all local, state and regional regulatory requirements.  Roadmaps are available for opening a restaurant and for siting a manufacturing facility.  Visit the Washington State Department of Commerce website for more information. 

These tools are provided for planning and guidance purposes and should not be used as a substitute for codes and regulations.  The applicant is responsible for compliance with all code and policy requirements, regardless of whether they are referred to or contained within these documents.

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