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Parks and Recreation


Lynnwood Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts - creating a healthy community through people, parks, programs and partnerships.

We are part of Lynnwood’s daily life and we shape the character of the community by:

  • Providing stewardship of our resources
  • Providing recreation opportunities for all ages
  • Contributing to the City’s economic vitality
  • Promoting health and wellness
  • Fostering social connections
  • Embracing innovation
  • Supporting staff professional development and excellence
  • Engaging and responding to the changing needs of our community
  • Creating a connected community
  • Providing premier customer service
  • Leaving a legacy for future generations

The Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department provides a comprehensive system of facilities and programs to meet the parks and recreation needs of the community.  The Department plans and develops parks and recreation facilities, operates and maintains parks and facilities, and provides a wide variety of affordable recreation activities and programs for all age groups.


In 2016, the City Council adopted a new ten-year comprehensive plan for the Lynnwood Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department called the 2025 Parks, Arts, Recreation and Conservation Comprehensive Plan. The PARC Plan is a long range planning document that works together with the City of Lynnwood Comprehensive Plan and the Capital Facilities Plan to provide goals and an action plan for providing park and recreation services through 2025. Learn more about the PARC Plan.



One of the PARC Plan strategic directions relates to ensuring sound management and maintenance of Lynnwood's park and recreation system. Adopted PARC Plan Action #3.9.2 states, "conduct a park impact fee study for the City and its MUGA to help finance park and trail capital needs related to population growth." Staff initiated a park impact fee study in July 2017. To learn more about park impact fees, the study, and submit a public comment, visit: Park Impact Fee Study