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Public Works

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The Public Works Department will efficiently develop, manage and operate the physical infrastructure that is the foundation of the City's health, safety, and welfare while enhancing the quality of life in our community.Report A Problem Banner

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Our Public Works Report of Accomplishments:

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What Public Works Does For You:

Public Works is responsible for a vast system of infrastructure that includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Engineering Services:
Standard Plans, Capital Projects and Programs, Project Management, Environmental Engineering, Development Services, Support Services, and Construction Management

Streets, Traffic and Transportation:
295 lane miles of streets, 37,992,300 square feet of right of way, 7 miles of State Routes, 57 traffic signalized intersections, 4,350 traffic signs, 1,892 street lights, 205 miles of sidewalks and paved shoulders

Environmental, Surface Water and Storm Water:
100 miles of underground storm drains, 7,400 stormwater Catch Basins, 28 stormwater ponds, 50 stormwater detention facilities, 4 regional stormwater ponds, 38,700 feet of grass swales, 16,800 feet of open streams, 9,000 feet of stormwater ditches

Sewer and Water Utilities:
1 Waste Water Treatment Plant, 3.3 million gallons per day of drinking water, 6 sewer lift stations, 1 water boost station, 2 pressure reducing valve stations, 1 water master meter, 5 million gallons sewerage treated per day, 5 tons of sewer sludge incinerated per day, 104 miles of sewer mains , 120 miles of water mains

204 Fleet Vehicles

13 Buildings

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