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Arbor Day Celebration

Join Lynnwood's Arbor Day Celebration & Plant a Tree
2:30PM Friday, April 29
Wilcox Park

Did you know that you live in a Tree City USA? For the past sixteen years, the City of Lynnwood has met the standards to qualify as a Tree City set by the Arbor Day Foundation. One of these standards is to hold an annual Arbor Day Observance. This year’s event will focus on adding trees to Wilcox Park's important urban forest. On Friday, April 29th, City staff will be assisted by local students to plant vine maple and Western Red Cedar trees that will help reduce erosion at one the City’s most popular parks.  
Trees are a vital and important part of the Lynnwood community. In addition to the many positive environmental benefits they provide such as producing oxygen, reducing erosion, and moderating temperatures - trees beautify our city and enhance our community’s economic vitality. The City of Lynnwood is dedicated to preserving existing trees for future generations, as well as providing a way for new trees to be planted. You too can plant a tree using a tree voucher from the City. These vouchers enable our residents to purchase trees and soil amendments free of cost from local participating Washington State Nursery and Landscaping Association (WSNLA) affiliated nurseries for use on their property. Pick up a tree voucher application and instruction form at City Hall or online at www.ci.lynnwood.wa.us/TreeProgram.