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Celebrate Public Works Week

The City of Lynnwood Public Works Department with the help of the American Public Works Association (APWA) sponsors National Public Works Week. Across North America, this week is to educate the public on the importance of public works: planning, building, managing, maintaining and operating our communities.

This year's (2015) theme "Community Begins Here" APWA tells us that this speaks to the essential nature of Public Works services in support of everyday quality of life. There would be no community without the quality of life public works provides. There would be no community to police and protect, no public to lead or represent. Public works allows the world as we know it to be.

National Public Works Week is observed each year during the third full week of May. City Council adopted a proclamation declaring this week Public Works Week in the City of Lynnwood. Look for our CELEBRATE signs driving through our community during the month of May. Sign up for eNews and follow us on social media to get a daily dose of Public Works information during National Public Works Week.