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City Council Adopts 2035 Comprehensive Plan

On Monday, June 22, the Lynnwood City Council adopted the new 2035 Comprehensive Plan and associated documents.

The Comprehensive Plan describes the long-term direction and vision for the growth and development of the Lynnwood community. The Plan assesses the issues and opportunities that Lynnwood will face over the next 20 years and discusses how the City and community might deal with the problems and make the most of opportunities.

The Plan includes "elements," or chapters, that address all physical components of the community, including such topics as land use, transportation, housing, parks, public facilities, and economic development. Each element includes goals, objectives and policies aimed at making our community better and more stable. Specific actions and programs that the City expects to perform in pursuit of its vision are also described in the plan.

To implement the Comprehensive Plan, the City relies on an assortment of land use, building and environmental regulations that are codified in the Lynnwood Municipal Code (LMC). As the "constitution" for land use and development in the City, the Comprehensive Plan provides an important foundation for regulations and for day-to-day planning and decision-making.

The 2035 Comprehensive Plan and associated documents are now available on the city's website: Comprehensive Plan.

Todd Hall, Planning Manager