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City Purchases Seabrook Heights Property for Environmental Conservation

City Purchases Seabrook Property for Environmental Conservation Lynnwood ensures environmental preservation in perpetuity

The City of Lynnwood is please to announce that the title transfer of the the Seabrook Heights Property from West View Properties, Inc to the City of Lynnwood has been completed. Thanks to a $5 million Snohomish County Conservation Futures grant awarded to the City of Lynnwood in 2013 and $1 million from the City, the purchase of this piece of land was possible. This area of land was slated for residential development and the City's purchase will ensure the natural environment is preserved in perpetuity.

The Seabrook Heights Property is located within Lynnwood's Municipal Urban Growth Area on the northern boundary of Lund's Gulch, south of Fisher Road, and north of Meadowdale Beach Park. The property is north of, and contiguous to 77.23 acres of open space that the City of Lynnwood and the Brackett's Landing Foundation acquired from 1996-2004 with Conservation Futures Funds.

The Seabrook Property displays many of the same physical characteristics, wildlife and habitat as Lund's Gulch and Meadowdale Beach Park. It is heavily wooded with second growth forest of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Hemlock and Alder; hosts a native understory, steep slopes, and wetlands; and includes partial views to Puget Sound. One third of the property slopes downhill with gradients between 33-78%. The site supports a variety of wildlife including nesting eagles, and serves as a migration route for land birds and other mammals.

For many years, residents of the surrounding area have fought against the development of the Seabrook Heights property using their own money and resources. The planned development included 70 homes in this environmentally sensitive, landslide hazard area. The potential for landslides caused by increased runoff would pose a real threat to the downhill properties and to the habitat of Lunds Gulch Creek. The proposed development would have caused increased runoff, potentially causing causing severe hydrologic impacts to these properties and their wetland resources.

Parks and Recreation Director Lynn Sordel states, "Lynnwood currently manages over 350 acres of parks and open space, including 77 acres of open space in Lund's Gulch, and we are absolutely thrilled to add the Seabrook Property under our stewardship and conservation. We want to commend the community members that fought so hard to preserve this area's natural environment and also thank Snohomish County for their generous grant. The City of Lynnwood will take great care of this wetland and wildlife habitat and ensure it's conservation for our future generations."

For more information on the City of Lynnwood's Parks, Trails and Open Space, visit us at www.PlayLynnwood.com.


Neighbors and community members who strongly advocated for the preservation of the Seabrook Heights Property attended the March 9, 2015 Lynnwood City Council Meeting expressing gratitude to the City of Lynnwood for it's conversation efforts.