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City of Lynnwood Adopt-a-Street Program - Public Works Week

The City of Lynnwood Public Works Department launches Adopt-a-Street Program

What is Adopt-a-Street? Lynnwood’s Adopt-a-Street Program was developed to create partnerships between volunteer groups and the City of Lynnwood to encourage a cleaner City and healthier environment by reducing litter, and discarded refuse from public rights-of-way.

How does the Adopt-a-Street Program work? Participating volunteer groups agree to remove litter and refuse from assigned segments of City rights-of-way at least twice a year, over a 2-year period. In return the City of Lynnwood will install roadway signage identifying the volunteer group that adopted the street. The City will provide necessary equipment and training.

What are the Volunteer Group Requirements? All volunteer group members must be at least 18 years of age.
How does your group volunteer for Adopt-a-Street? If your group is interested in participating in Lynnwood’s Adopt-a-Street Program, visit our website to find out more about the program.