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Former Longtime Police Dog Passes Away

It is with great sadness that the Lynnwood Police Department announces that former Lynnwood Police K-9 “Buddy” passed away on Saturday, May 24th, after a long fight against cancer.

K-9 Buddy worked for the Department from 2006-2014 where he was partnered with Sergeant Cole Langdon. K-9 Buddy was a dual-purpose dog trained to locate hidden criminal suspects, and missing persons, and trained to sniff out illegal drugs. During his outstanding career, K-9 Buddy was responsible for over 200 captures of criminals and hundreds of narcotic finds. In May 2010, Sergeant Langdon and K-9 Buddy were recognized as the State of Washington Veterans of Foreign Wars “Officer of the Year.” In June 2010, K-9 Buddy and Sergeant Langdon were recognized by KCPQ TV’s “Washington Most Wanted” as their “Officer of the Month.” K-9 Buddy and Sergeant Langdon also received numerous departmental citations and awards. K-9 Buddy was a tremendous law enforcement asset to not only the Lynnwood Police Department but to region as well. On numerous occasions, K-9 Buddy conducted searches in the King and Snohomish County areas.

K-9 Buddy retired in February 2014 and lived out his final months as a valued member to Sergeant Langdon’s family.

Donations of support in honor of K-9 Buddy and the Lynnwood K-9 Division are gladly accepted at the Lynnwood Police Department front desk or by mail to 19321 44th Ave W, Lynnwood, Attention Lynnwood Police Officers Association (LPOA).