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Lynnwood Earns AWC WellCity Award

Lynnwood has been recognized by the Association of Washington Cities (AWC) Employee Benefit Trust as a 2015 WellCity Award recipient. Lynnwood joins a total of 111 cities and public entities that met the stringent WellCity standards which demonstrate their commitment to employee health. All of these cities are part of AWC's Employee Benefit Trust, a health insurance pool that provides coverage to 14,000 city employees across the state. When an employer meets the WellCity standards, they earn a 2% discount on their medical premiums.

“Employers that place employee health among their core values, and demonstrate that belief through healthy workplace policies, environments, and wellness programs, empower their employees to value and maintain good health. Both the city and the community benefit from more productive employees, it’s a win for everyone,” said Luann Hopkins, AWC Interim CEO.

"Our employee wellness program, through the implementation of wonderful initiatives, has had a definite impact that can be felt by employees across the city. I am thrilled to see a happier and healthier workforce which allows us to provide better services to our community," remarked Mayor Nicola Smith.

A complete list of the cities that earned this year’s award can be found at awcnet.org/wellcityawards.