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Lynnwood Fire Department Partners with Swedish Edmonds Emergency Department Physicians to Pioneer New Community Health Services

The City of Lynnwood Fire Department and Swedish Edmonds Emergency Department physicians are partnering in a new pilot program to improve follow-up care to Lynnwood residents being discharged home from the Emergency Department. This pilot includes home visits and case management provided by fire department staff members to assist patients with unique problems and special conditions. The program hopes to reduce returns to the hospital and support patient recovery. This project, which officially launched today, is made possible by a Verdant Health Commission grant supporting the Lynnwood Fire Department’s Community Assistance Program.

The Community Assistance Program is also involved in promoting fall prevention awareness. Falls continue to be the leading cause of serious injury for residents of Lynnwood. Not every fall leads to an injury, but data and research shows that a non-injury fall can lead to other falls that do cause injury. Fortunately there are steps you can take to help prevent falls; and while you cannot prevent falls 100%, these are good strategies to follow to help decrease the odds of a fall.

Some strategies include:

  • Keeping your living environment free of clutter, including wires & bulky rugs,
  • Use mobility equipment if you have it,
  • Be aware of what medications may give you balance problems and take appropriate precautions,
  • If you have recently fallen, or have mobility difficulties, discuss mobility equipment with a healthcare professional.

If you have any questions about the Community Health Services Program, please contact Jonathan Brown, Community Resource Specialist at 425-670-5530 or by email at jbrown@lynnwoodwa.gov.