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Lynnwood Fire Goes Pink For Cancer Awareness

Pink Truck

In an effort to help promote cancer awareness and early detection, Engine 15 of the Lynnwood Fire Department has been wrapped in pink thanks to generous donations from AutoGraphics of Lynnwood and Aegis Living of Lynnwood. More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year. Early detection through screening greatly increases the chances for successful treatment. Screening refers to the use of simple tests in order to identify individuals who have the disease, but do not yet have symptoms. Examples include breast cancer screening using mammography, cervical cancer screening using cytology screening methods, and colon and rectal cancer and polyps detection using colonoscopy.

To show support to the survivors and families that have been affected by cancer, the Lynnwood Fire Department has turned Engine 15 pink and you'll see firefighters donning pink t-shirts throughout the month. The purpose of the pink fire engine is to increase the public's awareness of not only breast cancer, but all forms of cancer and encourage people to start thinking about the importance of early detection. Lynnwood Firefighters will have educational material, so if you see them in the City, stop by and ask questions. "According to the CDC, firefighters are at a higher risk of cancers, particularly digestive, oral, respiratory, bladder and urinary," said Lynnwood's Fire Chief Scott Cockrum. "I've benefited and my family members have benefited from early screening and prevented cancer before it spread. I hope this is a reminder for everyone that early screening saves lives."

Pink Truck with Crew