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Lynnwood Launches New Healthy Communities Action Plan

Participants provide important input to help shape the plan's three main goals.

On Tuesday, July 14, the City of Lynnwood, in partnership with Verdant Health Commission, launched the planning and creation of a 10-year Healthy Communities Action Plan. The plan is aimed at improving the overall health of our community through policy change, infrastructure improvements, and program support. The plan will center on three main goals to: 1) Increase access to physical activity, 2) Increase access to healthy foods, and 3) Increase social connectedness.

Over 60 community stakeholders filled the Verdant Wellness Center and learned about the City's Healthy Communities Programs, reviewed Lynnwood's health profile, learned about the plan's three goals, and most importantly, provided important input that will help form the priorities for each goal.

"In 2010, Lynnwood embarked on a mission to become a Healthy Community and this past Tuesday we renewed that commitment," stated Mayor Nicola Smith. "However city government can't do it alone. This needs to be a community-wide effort. Our city residents and community partners are going to play a crucial role in the development and success of the plan."

Community members will be asked to assist the project team in determining the plan's priorities over the summer. This fall, a draft of the plan will be presented at a community open house meeting open to the public. If you would like to participate in the planning process or be notified of the open house, please contact Marielle Harrington.

Marielle Harrington, Healthy Communities Coordinator