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NOTICE: Increase in Water, Sewer and Surface Water Utility Rates

On January 1, 2015 all City of Lynnwood utility billings will reflect new higher rates.

The City of Lynnwood is adjusting water, sewer, and storm utility rates to ensure the utility’s fiscal health and to establish a more equitable rate structure between classes of users. This is necessary in order to meet operational and capital infrastructure needs so that you may continue to receive these critical services now and in the future.

The City Council adopted a new rate structure for each Utility on October 14, 2013 that includes adjustments annually over 6 years allowing our customers to anticipate what the changes will be from year to year. 

Lynnwood continues to control costs while providing necessary services. Even with these rate increases, our utility rates remain among the lowest in the region.

As per City Ordinance’s #3024, #3025 and #3026, the new Utility service rates for 2015 will be effective and assessed on all bills generated on or after January 1, 2015.  The billing rate assessed to an account is wholly dependent on the scheduled bill date for the account, not the consumption period.

The City Council also made provisions to expand programs in 2014 to assist those customers who may be having trouble paying their utility bills. To learn more about Lynnwood’s existing and new utility rate assistance programs, please go to the City’s website listed below.

More information on rates including the six-year rate schedule and the City’s rate assistance programs can be found on the Utility Rates web page.