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New Animal Control Fees

Effective Jan. 1, 2012 there will be changes to the way the Lynnwood Police Department provides services with its single Animal Control Unit, and there are updates to the Animal Licensing fees in the city limits of Lynnwood.

As of Jan. 1, with exception to those already with “permanent/lifetime” animal licenses, there will no longer be “lifetime/permanent” licenses available for purchase. Each year, from the date of purchase, an animal owner will need to renew their pet license for both altered and unaltered animals.

The new license fees are as follows: 
  • Altered animals: $20 per year
  • Unaltered animals: $40 per year
  • Altered and micro chipped animals: $10 per year
  • Replacement of a lost license: $10

 If it is more than 30 days past expiration of a license, a late fee of $10 may also be imposed.

In addition, with the increase in local shelter fees being placed on the city, an animal owner could also expect to pay other fees associated with the work of the city’s Animal Control Officer.

If an animal is transported a $25 fee could be imposed, as well as an apprehension fee, if applicable, which would vary from $50 to $100 depending on the severity and/or recurrence of problem animals. Animal owners would also be responsible for the sheltering of their pet, which currently is $111 at the Lynnwood area PAWS shelter.

Moreover, if Lynnwood Police Department’s single Animal Control Unit is not on duty and a 911 animal complaint call comes in, an officer will only respond if it is a true “dangerous animal” emergency.

Best case scenario: Be sure your pets are not only licensed each year but also micro chipped. Also, do your due diligence when protecting your animal friend from the dangers of the outdoors. Then, if they go missing first contact your local police department to see if they have the animal before calling the local shelter.
Shannon Sessions,
Public Information Officer, 425-670-5635, or 425-754-3904.
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