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New Mobile Integrated Health Program Launches

The City of Lynnwood is pleased to announce that Jonathan Brown, LMHC, DDMHS, has been selected to spearhead the new Mobile Integrated Health Program as the Community Resource Specialist. The Mobile Integrated Health Program works to fill the healthcare and human services gaps experienced by some individuals who call 911 or go to the emergency room with issues that are not medical emergencies. The goal of this program is to reduce these types of hospital visits and 911 calls by reaching out to frequent 911-callers or at-risk community members. The Community Resource Specialist will work with community partners and other agencies to identify and connect the residents in need with resources that will help support them long-term.

The Mobile Integrated Health Program is funded through a two-year grant awarded to the Lynnwood Fire Department by the Verdant Health Commission. Verdant has provided more than $7.5 million in health and wellness programming to support South Snohomish County residents since 2011.

Jonathan comes to the Lynnwood Fire Department from Evergreen Health Services in King County, where he worked as a Case Manager Clinician helping clients with mental health issues and connecting clients to health services in the community. Jonathan has experience in establishing dispatch protocols for frequent 911 utilizers and providing interventional planning for persons found to be without established family connections.