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Personal Belongings Left on Sidewalks are Not Allowed in Lynnwood




The Lynnwood Police Department’s Community Health and Safety Section would like to remind citizens that leaving personal belongings or refuse on a public right of way is not allowed.

Allowing your generosity to spill onto the sidewalk in front of your property, or left on any public property, does not support a healthy neighborhood, property values or appearance.

The area on the street-side of the water meter for a residence is considered public property.

You can read more about the LMC Uniform Litter Control Code (7.12.010) and Garbage and Refuse (7.04.020) at the Government section of the City of Lynnwood website.

Options for removal and recycling
Recycle your reusable items by contacting local secondhand, recycling, and thrift stores in the area. Information about recycling is posted at the Lynnwood Library, and posted on the City's website. Junk and rubbish removal and hauling services are available throughout Snohomish County. You can also contact our City's Recycling Coordinator at 425-670-5244. 
Littering violations can lead to fines up to $250.

Lisa Wellington, Crime Prevention Specialist